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About me

I have been a photographer for 9 years, earning a living from it for 7 years with weddings being my main source of income for 6 of them. I also have a studio where I do actor's headshots and many other portraits including children, family and newborn shoots. I have worked with publishing companies doing fashion photography and still life for their magazines but it doesn't give me the thrill that a wedding does. I have weddings at the top of my list because I get that 'buzz' searching for a unique and beautiful image. Freezing a moment that can never be repeated or recaptured. There's always something different to shoot at a wedding and with my natural style I believe I excel in this area. It makes me smile when I see them on my computer and i smile even more when a couple get in touch to tell me how happy they are with their pictures.

I am definitely a people person. At a wedding I meet lots of new people which is an added bonus to the job. Doing 9-5 in the same place has never been my cup of tea. I need something new, a new challenge and this kind of photography gives me that. I have lots of wedding experience but every wedding is different, the people are different, the venue is different and so a different experience for me doing the same job that I love. I also know the importance of this occasion. It's probably the most important photography there is as, unlike portraits in the studio there's no second chances, you can't re-do a wedding because shots have been missed. That's where my experience comes in to it's own. And the need for more unique and beautiful images starts again.

When I'm not doing weddings my time is spent with my lovely family. I also like to do landscape photography here, there and everywhere taking in great scenery. I like to go fishing and I do a lot of acting whether it be TV work, theatre or weekly acting classes. That is basically me in a nutshell as I don't really have time for much else, there aren't enough hours in the day. Feel free to have a look through my website so that you can get familiar with my storytelling style and if it's the natural, informal approach that you're looking for at your wedding then please get in touch to check my availability.

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