Do you work alone or with another photographer?

I work alone. I've tried working with other photographers but it does more harm than good. The style of the pictures aren't the same and even though there's more images at different angles they're not necessarily the right images. I also want to be as unobtrusive as possible and with another photographer it becomes more difficult to be discreet. I've also seen videographers banging around causing havoc and doing their best to destroy the atmosphere of the day. A fun and relaxed atmosphere helps with lots of discretion from the photographer.

Do you do wedding albums?

I personally don't do wedding albums. Instead, I take you to the right place that specialises in them. Most photographers who say they do wedding albums don't actually do them personally, they just send it all off to the printers and then charge you extra. So why not just take the images to the printing shop and get the same album for much cheaper. I can take you to the place that has my 100 percent trust that produce quality albums of all sizes and materials, I can give you advice on the design of which images to use and to go where or you can even design them yourself online through an app that the printing shop provides.

Do you travel outside of Lancashire?

I do lots of weddings outside of lancashire. I actually prefer it because it means i'm shooting at a different venue. The advantages of working in the same venue numerous times is that I get to know all the little hotspots for the best light and angles of view but I love travelling to a new venue. I love a change of scenery and that search for another unique image. I charge a bit extra for mileage depending on how much further away the venue is and may even charge for an over night stay if it's a big distance away. I also do weddings abroad but will charge for the flight and an overnight stay.

How long are you at the wedding for? 

My wedding day package is from the morning until after the first dance around 9pm and so i'll start as soon as the hairdresser and makeup artist arrives. The 'getting ready' part is actually my favourite part of the day because everybody is excited, nervous, happy, sometimes with happy tears - plenty of opportunities for those spontaneous images you never get tired of looking at and certainly ones that last a lifetime.

Wedding Day Prices

Standard coverage is from hair and makeup in the morning until after the first dance and is £895. I start the minute the makeup artist arrives and I can be around from anything between 8 and 12 hours depending on your makeup artist's arrival time and the time of your first dance. This will include around 500 images in both colour and black and white - each fully edited and print ready - delivered on a USB stick. A slideshow set to music of your choice is also included (please see 'Recent Weddings' in the menu for a slideshow example).


If you like what you see on my website then please contact me to check my availability for the date of your wedding. A lot of people usually book a year or more in advance to secure the date as certain dates throughout the year can be extremely popular. You can contact me either by phone (07834 118551) or by email (


To secure the booking, a non-refundable fee of £100 is required and is on a first come, first served basis and i cannot reserve any dates without the deposit. The remainder of the balance needs to paid a week before the wedding day.

Can we book you for the evening party?

Once the first dance has finished you can book me until midnight or just after. The cost for the extra few hours is £200. A lot of people tend to book this because the pictures can be hilarious by the end of the night with everybody a bit worse for wear and having a good time. The images look great on the music image DVD too with your choice of music playing over the pictures.

What is the music DVD?

My favourite part of post processing. Once the images are finished a lot of them are put in order on to the DVD with your choice of music playing over them, telling the story of your day. I guarantee you'll watch it again and again!